Vitamins and Health Supplements

We have introduced a series of multivitamin and health supplements for adults and children that offer a variety of health benefits. Our range includes the following:

Cal-C-Kids Junior Powder

The orange flavoured junior powder promotes a stronger and healthier immune system and it strengthens bones and teeth.

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FerriFer Tablets

This iron supplement assists in alleviating symptoms of anemia, fatigue and dizziness.

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QuadFolic Tablets

An excellent supplement that assists with fertility in both men and women. It improves sperm quality and motility. An excellent option to help improve cognitive function.

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Provite D3 Tablets

To help with the reproduction, maintenance, growth and regulation of bodily processes. An essential daily supplement that helps promote strong bones, teeth, joints as well as maintaining a healthy immune system.

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No-Lactin Tablets

For breastfeeding mothers: we fully endorse breastfeeding – mother’s milk is best! When the time arises, No-Lactin is a safe and natural alternative to stopping lactation.

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Our vitamins and health supplements are available nationwide through all retail pharmacies and select Dischem stores.